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Whether it is a fairytale wedding or a sparkling company party, the right music can be the key to an unforgettable experience. As a leading booking agency, we proudly present our top 10 best all-round DJs in the Netherlands. These experienced and professional all-round DJs guarantee a party that your guests will remember for a long time. In this article we not only look at our exclusive selection, but also at the points to consider when booking a DJ for your event!

This is the Top 10 Best All-round DJs:

1. DJ Michiel
DJ Michiel has been turning every room upside down for more than 25 years with his sleek and smooth way of mixing and presenting!

2. DJ Miss Brown
DJ Miss Brown always looks stylish and knows how to trigger the audience with her choice of music.

3. DJ Joost Vetter
Versatile & talented DJ – suitable for any event!

4. DJ Johnny G
Johnny G is a real entertainer. He is an all-round DJ and masters almost every style; from Dance to Urban and from the Sixties to the Top40.

5. DJ Freek-F
This hit maestro is the perfect DJ for your party. Freek is an experienced party DJ with a wide range of music styles.

6. DJ Psiertje
DJ Psiertje – a unique and versatile DJ! She performs a lot internationally and specializes in all-round, lounge and EMD/House.

7. DJ Rene K
DJ Rene K is a versatile and frequently booked All-round DJ and is suitable for all types of events! There is no genre that Rene cannot play!

8. DJ Charles
Charles has more than 25 years of experience as a DJ, so he is a real PRO! What is special about Charles is that he is one of the few who can also play jazz very well.

9. DJ Job Jesse
From Milan to Maaskantje, he has already worn out many dance floors! He can do anything, but he is happiest with guilty pleasures!

10. DJ Peter Smit
Eclectic DJ Peter is a professional, experienced, all-round DJ. His specialty? Performing the right song at the right time!

What should I consider when booking an All-round DJ?

1. Discussion of music wishes
A good All-round DJ starts with a discussion of your music wishes. Even though a DJ responds to the atmosphere and the guests, it is always possible to discuss specific (music) wishes with us. For example, you may or may not absolutely want to hear certain songs at your party.

2. Experience and professionalism
Choose DJs with demonstrable experience and professionalism. Our DJs have a track record of successful events and understand the importance of punctuality and customer satisfaction.

3. All-inclusive service
As a booking agency, we are happy to take care of everything for you. From the DJ booth to the illuminated dance floor, we take care of everything. This allows you to enjoy the party without worrying about the details. We like clear communication, clear prices and no surprises afterwards. So nice!

4. Expansion options
Add an extra dimension to your party by expanding a DJ with live musicians such as a saxophonist, percussionist or an MC/singer. These additions take the experience of your party to ‘the next level’!

5. Light show and sound set
A good light show and sound set are essential for the atmosphere. We provide high-quality equipment to ensure that the sound is crystal clear and the dance floor is illuminated with an impressive light show.

Booking the perfect DJ for your wedding or corporate party is an investment in the overall experience of the event. With our top 10 best all-round DJs and our dedication to arranging everything from A to Z, you are assured of an unforgettable party that will be talked about for a long time.

Contact us and find out how we can make your special day even more special.


Bookings & Artist Manager