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An artist’s technical rider and hospitality rider are invaluable for the smooth running of an event. These documents are essential to meet the technical and comfort needs of the artist. Below we explain why these riders are crucial for both the artist and the event organizer.

The Importance of a Technical Rider:

A technical rider provides detailed instructions and requirements for the necessary technical facilities during a performance. It ensures proper sound quality, stage setup and equipment compatibility. This results in a high-quality musical experience for both the performers and the audience, while reducing the chance of technical problems. Safety also plays a role, for example a stage is often a requirement because it ensures a natural separation between the audience and artists. This prevents guests from falling over the artists’ equipment and also allows the artist to interact better with the audience.

The importance of a Hospitality Rider:

A hospitality rider addresses the artist’s lodging and catering needs. Meeting these requirements creates a comfortable environment, which promotes artistic satisfaction and leaves a positive impression on the artist and their team. This includes a dressing room, healthy hot meal, snacks and drinks during the presence of the artists and the team. A well-enforced hospitality rider can also result in a good collaborative relationship between the artist and the organizer, which is beneficial for future collaborations.

What if there are deviations at the location?

It may happen that a location cannot meet technical requirements or hospitality wishes. Naturally, we will think along as best we can to help you realize the performance. Unfortunately, it may happen that a location is very unsuitable for a performance (for example, too many stairs, strict noise restrictions or too little playing space). In that case, we will indicate that the performance cannot take place at this specific location. We are also happy to help you find an alternative artist or location to make the event a success.

In short, respecting both the technical rider and the hospitality rider is essential for a successful event. These riders contribute to the quality of the performance and the well-being of the artist, ultimately resulting in a positive experience for both the artist and the audience.


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