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From the moment you start looking for a cover band online, you quickly lose sight of the wood for the trees. The range is very large and then find that nice cover band that meets your wishes. This can be a very time consuming job and it is of course impossible to watch all the bands live. Entertainment Agency knows the range of cover bands in the Netherlands like no other and is happy to help you find that one perfect cover band that guarantees an unforgettable evening.

How far in advance should I book a cover band?
The sooner you start looking for a cover band, the greater the chance that the nicest and best cover bands are still available for your party or event. You can expect most bands to be booked between 6 and 12 months in advance.

Can I also place an option on my favorite cover band first?
As soon as the date of your party is known, you can place an option on a cover band. There are no obligations attached to placing an option. By placing an option you are assured that you have the first choice when you want to book the band definitively. If a second application comes in in the meantime, on the date on which you have an option, we will contact you and you will always be given some time to think.

How long do cover bands usually play?
Most all-round cover bands play a maximum of two 60-minute sets or three 45-minute sets. Some bands even play four sets, but there will often be an additional charge for this. Usually the breaks between sets are 15 to 30 minutes. You can choose to provide the music between sets yourself or by the band. Another option is to book a DJ. The advantage of a DJ is that he or she can fully adapt the choice of music to the evening and the audience.

What must the location meet?
Unfortunately, not every location is suitable for live music. Therefore, always inquire about the possibilities during a location visit. The main points to check are:

The volume of the sound is expressed in decibels. The amount of decibels that may be produced on location must be at least 95 decibels. Anything below 95db can limit your choice of cover bands. Of course you don’t want your guests to be blown away by the volume of the band, but you also don’t want the band to be so quiet that the dance floor remains empty all evening. So always inquire on location whether there is a decibel restriction and what it is set at.

Available space
Some bands are also fine with a little less space, but this is always in consultation with the bands. It is always a good idea to check how much space is available on location and whether there is enough room for the expected number of guests/invitees.

Stage and technic
Is there a stage on location or can the location provide a stage and what are the costs? If a stage is not possible on location, the choice of cover bands is more limited. Most professional cover bands require a stage. Some locations already have (part of) the necessary technology. This can of course make a difference in costs if the location does not charge extra for this. Inquire about this at the location. All necessary technology that is not available on location can be provided.

Loading and unloading
The more professional and larger the cover band, the more equipment it will come with. If the party does not take place on the ground floor, the presence of an elevator is necessary in almost all cases.

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