Longfield Percussion

Longfield Percussion, a versatile percussionist and musician, embodies pure energy and rhythmic magic!

Born with an unstoppable passion for percussion, Longfield Percussion began its musical journey at a young age. What started as a love for drums quickly evolved into a spectacular career.

His unparalleled sense of rhythm and charismatic stage presence leave the audience spellbound. Longfield Percussion’s music is not only audible, but also palpable, making people irresistible get up and dance.

His friendly and cheerful personality shines through in his music, making him not only a gifted musician, but also a beloved entertainer.

Percussionist Longfield can also be upgraded with an atmospheric allround DJ.


Show facts

Price indication: from € 695,-

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  • Formation: 1 person
  • Genre: Allround
  • Showtime: 1 x 3 hours
  • Optional: Allround DJ

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