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A stage is an essential part of any event, be it a music festival, corporate presentation, wedding or public performance. It provides a platform for artists to shine who can interact optimally with all guests and it also captures the attention of the audience. When planning an event, it is important to choose the right type of stage and stage car to suit the specific needs and logistics of your event.

Here are some common types of stages and stage cars used:

  1. Fixed Stage: A fixed stage is a permanent structure installed in a particular location, such as a theater, concert hall, or event venue. It provides a stable and professional setting for performances and can be adapted to the specific requirements of the event. Fixed stages are often equipped with lighting, sound systems and other technical facilities.
  2. Temporary Stage: A temporary stage is a mobile construction specifically designed for events in different locations. It consists of modular parts that can be quickly set up and broken down. Temporary stages are versatile and can be adapted to the space available and the needs of the event. They are useful for festivals, outdoor performances and other temporary events.
  3. Covered Stage: A covered stage, also known as a stage tent, offers protection against weather influences such as rain, sun and wind. It allows event organizers to stage indoor or outdoor performances regardless of the weather conditions. Covered stages are ideal for events that take place in fickle climates or seasons of unpredictable weather.
  4. Mobile Stage Car: A stage car, also known as a stage truck or stage trailer, is a fully mobile stage on wheels. Equipped with a stage surface, roof, lighting and sound systems, these stage trucks can be quickly set up in a variety of locations. They offer flexibility and convenience, making them ideal for events with limited set-up time or where mobility is an important factor.
  5. Special Stage Designs: Depending on the nature and theme of the event, special stage designs can be used to create a unique atmosphere. These can be circular stages, multiple levels, catwalks, revolving platforms or other creative designs. Special stage designs add visual appeal and a distinctive element to the event.

When choosing a stage and stage car, it is important to consider factors such as available space, technical requirements, logistics, budget and the type of event you are organizing.

In short, choosing and selecting the right stage and stage car is of great importance to ensure that artists can perform optimally and the audience has an unforgettable experience.

We have the necessary experience and expertise when it comes to stage installations. Our expert employees ensure that the stages are placed on location on time and with great care. We use transparent prices that include set-up and break-down and travel costs, so that you know exactly where you stand and surprises are avoided afterwards.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today and find out how we can deliver the perfect stage for your event.


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