SOULBEACH – BAND MEETS DJ : a unique evening-long show where live band and DJ merge!

Soulbeach introduces a new dimension to live performances with their groundbreaking ‘BAND MEETS DJ’ show. A four-hour non-stop sensation where the band and DJ alternate and merge. Together, they create an unforgettable experience that will stay with you for a long time!

The combination of energetic live songs with the pulsating beats of the DJ provides a unique, musical experience. Hits from past and present are blended into surprising medleys and cool mash-ups. Additionally, Soulbeach creates a visual spectacle with a unique illuminated set, a white grand piano, a flashy DJ booth, and a spectacular light show with special effects.

This evening-long six-piece hit machine will give you an experience from start to finish. Let yourself be blown away by their fat sound and infectious energy!

Soulbeach can be expanded with a fantastic female singer and/or extra Special FX packages.


Show facts

Price indication: from € 5.995,-

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  • Formation: 6 persons (standard including DJ)
  • Genre: Top 40, Pop, Rock, Dance
  • Showtimes: 4-hour non-stop show
  • Optional: Female singer, Special FX

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