Drumpet Duo

Meet the Drumpet DJ Duo – a collaboration where the musical talents of Noam Bargil and Ben Stone merge in the eclectic atmosphere of Amsterdam.

The Drumpet DJ Duo distinguishes itself by their unique mix of DJing and live performances. During their back-to-back DJ sets, the stage transforms into a living work of art, where the melodies of Noam’s trumpet and Ben’s drum beats create a dynamic and vibrant music experience. House, DM, Afro, funk, and disco – each genre is enhanced by the energy of their live instruments.

The duo’s distinctive sound has captivated the stages of various venues, and the energetic nightlife of the Netherlands and the varied stages of Europe have felt the influence of the Drumpet DJ Duo. The duo appears at private events, clubs and festivals throughout Europe.

They have transformed private events into unforgettable experiences and bring an innovative and electric atmosphere to clubs and festivals. Every performance is a journey of discovery into a world where the traditional boundaries of DJing are blurred and the audience is taken into an environment where every beat and note is bursting with energy.

The Drumpet DJ Duo invites you to experience this dynamic musical journey, where innovative sounds, rhythmic beats and the vibrant energy of the Drumpet, with trumpet and drums, create moments that will linger long after the night comes to an end.


Show facts

Price indication: from € 795,-

  • Formation: 2 persons
  • Genre: House, Lounge
  • Showtimes: From 1 hour
  • Optional: MC/singer

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