Thomas Alexander

Pianist Thomas Alexander is a true musical chameleon for every occasion!

Thomas Alexander was born in Amsterdam. At the age of eleven he was introduced to the piano and very quickly his special talent for improvising and playing the piano emerged. It resulted in an invitation to study at the prestigious Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam to train as a classical pianist. He soon won prizes at the Princess Christina Competition for young people and the Bilderberg Improvisation Competition conducted by Louis van Dijk. He made his TV debut with De scream van de Leeuw together with Wibi Soerjadi.

This pianist has already played for our former Queen Beatrix, at the film premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody in Tuschinski, the KIKA Gala and UNESCO. He toured America and Canada for 15 years and played in many places from the Amsterdam Concert Hall to the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and many other countries!

The versatile pianist
The great advantage of Thomas Alexander is that he is a jack of all trades. He shows and hears piano music in the broadest sense of his unlimited musical ability. His repertoire extends from the year 1600 to the present. He has mastered request songs, improvisations and responding to the audience down to the last detail. In addition, he is a dynamic appearance behind the piano and thus lifts the image of the standard pianist to a modern contemporary level. Sheet music? Thomas doesn’t do that…music is in his head!

Why book pianist Thomas Alexander?
Your guests will soon be captivated by the way this pianist plays and, where possible, become actively involved in the music. Would you like to sing to a loved one yourself? Thomas will also support and guide you in this. A costume ball/party, classical concert, sing-a-long piano show or just quiet background music during a dinner… no problem! In short, Thomas Alexander is the most all-round pianist for your occasion and will make your special day even more special.


Show facts

Price indication: from € 595,-

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  • Formation: 1 person
  • Genre: Easy Listening, Classical
  • Showtime: From 2 hours
  • Optional: Own digital piano

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