Koert Witteman

Less is more! No lighting effects, no big boxes or a big truck. It is almost “plug & play” what Koert does during a reception, dinner or drinks.

The keywords relaxed, relaxed and casual are typical of his performances. While people can chat, network and reminisce at a pleasant volume. Ensures that the top 40 hits of the past 50 years are played. Optimal enjoyment in a relaxed atmosphere.

Did you know? Koert often complains that it was a shame that there was no room for applause in between.

Hello bridal couple,
First of all, congratulations on your plan to get married! Let me get straight to the point and tell you what Koert can do to make your day even more fun and beautiful. Yes! No matter how we look at it, it’s your day, it’s all about you.

Not every bridal couple likes all that attention, but they do think it is important to pour their own “sauce” over the day that is all about you. Koert can help with that.

How about 3 songs during your ceremony? That have been collected from your relationship. That one song that sings exactly what your 1st date was like, the most repeated song from your last holiday. Or that song that comes closest to your vow and promise to each other.

did you know ..
Would you like Koert to send you a podcast 1 week before your wedding? With your 3 ceremony numbers on it Then you will have some anticipation of your wedding instead of just invoices.

Do you like relaxing chatting with friends and family while enjoying a drink? (Stupid question really? Who doesn’t?)
Koert can provide a nice acoustic atmosphere during drinks. Containing the top 40 hits of the past 50 years.

My mother always says that you should eat while sitting down for digestion purposes, but I have no idea if this is true. What I do know is that you eat a lot better with a musical wallpaper in the background.

This is also great with Koert as a musician, extra fun to musically tie the drinks to the dinner.

Koert Witteman can also be upgraded with an atmospheric allround DJ.


Show facts

Price indication: from € 595,-

  • Formation: 1 person
  • Genre: Top 40, Easy listening
  • Showtime: In consultation
  • Optional: Allround DJ

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